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Patra on the 4rth of July 2017

On Tuesday the 4rth of July, the city of Patra will be welcoming professor George Paschalidis. At noon he will be hosted in the radio station Antenna Patras where he will give an extensive interview to journalist Panagiotis Rigopoulos.
After that he can be found at Hotel “Astir” where he will meet friends, readers and people who want to encounter the researcher who has changed the life of millions of people through his discovery, the Tri-Antrhopo-Type Paschalidis Model. The neurobiological Tri-Anthropo-Type Model combines the biological, anatomical, neurophysiological, psychological and social aspects of human nature and explains the human existence by the thorough explanation of the interaction betweem health and personality.
The application of the Model in every field of human activity is astonishing. Medicine, Education, Athletics, Psychology, Business Management and all the fields in which the Model has been used, have important statistic results to present concerig the application of the Model.


Kalamata on the 3rd of July 2017

On Monday the 3rd of July, the city of Kalamata will be welcoming professor Geroge Paschalidis at “REX” Hotel, where he will encounter friends, readers, and people who wish to meet him in person. Sarting at 17:00.  Free entrance.


Can we make peace with ourselves?

We are going through a rough time in which, if you look carefully, you will notice the destructive fires of conflict burning. Sometimes among countries, groups, people, sometimes between a person and the “other”, any “other” in their lives, and other times inside the person itself, an internal conflict.

At the same time, everyone speaks of peace. These voices can be truly original and honest, as well as the efforts made towards it and ever since the plays of Aristophanes (comic playwright of ancient Athens) the cries for peace are growing when war prevails.

As for the other kind of peace, the internal one,* the one that each of us agonizes to find within ourselves but also between us, the more we distance ourselves from it, the more science struggles to help us regain it. Psychiatry, psychology, consulting, are embracing the upset soul aiming to assist it, until peace is declared within itself, and with the world around it.

war_brain_1646855If we draw our attention within, the first thing we will realize is that most of us barely know our own selves. We spend our entire lives trying to make this acquaintance, nevertheless, no matter how hard we try to attain the “know thyself” status, it seems to be slipping through our fingers. For, if we did know ourselves, if we could comprehend our entirety, our’ unified entity, we would be aware of our true needs and we would show more respect towards them. We would take ourselves more seriously, accept and love ourselves. We would live consciously and peacefully within ourselves. We would not be so prone to diseases.

However it is very hard for us to accept the Socratic saying “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”. Especially those of us who went to school and got education, and even more those of us who got “a lot of education”, those who pursued and attained higher education. We learned so many things for the body, the soul and the world around us, we were evaluated on this knowledge, we got grades for it and we have the diplomas that prove it. How can we then accept, after all of this, that “we don’t
know”? How to believe that we are wandering without a compass? If it is as we know and say, then why do we keep getting sick, why do we suffer, why are we still tormented? Why are we fighting our own selves, why are we not making peace with them?

Is there a chance that our general, trivial knowledge that we gained at school is so “general” that it doesn’t allow us to grasp to what extent it is really concerning us?

“One only understands the things that one tames”, said the fox to the Little Prince, that she so much wished to be a friend of, in the celebrated novel by Saint Exupery. That is, one can know only what they approach with wisely calculated and careful steps, with respect and love. *To get to know ourselves then, we must “tame” them, coming in peace, with intentions of understanding, approval and after all, love. *No one taught us that in school, we never came across such a teaching method.

Pedagogy of peace, within ourselves first.

The disclosure of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Model, the most complete and precise Model, not only of self-awareness but also self-improvement and self-healing, can fairly be declared as a “Pedagogue of Peace”.

For, upon what else can peace be established, if not acceptance and the consequent respect?

On knowing our own selves, accepting ourselves but also respecting ourselves in this case.

On self-love in other words, which cannot exist without inner peace.

On that part of the gospel sayings, of paramount importance, “as yourself”, contained in the phrase “love others as yourself”. Which implies that self-love is a necessary condition in order to be able to love another.

The Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model, ensures the knowledge of ourselves. We learn that, according to the Type we belong to, we have specific and clearly defined biological and psychological traits, specific nutritional needs and predisposition to precise physical and mental malfunctions. We learn about the brain areas we are functioning with, and how this governs our behavior. We learn how to observe and interpret our organism and personality. What we can practically perform, so as to ensure
both mental and physical health.

It therefore constitutes the key to the door of self-peace.

The Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model allows us to imagine and visualize a society, in which each of us make a good use of our ability to get to know not only ourselves but also others, free of delusions, exactly as we are. This society is based on the acceptance of reality and on the fact that we are not as different as we thought after all.

On the fact that we are so different, but at the same time so much alike.

It is a society of self- and hetero-awareness, which is founded on the pedagogy of self-peace and as such, it is the only one in which “love others as yourself” can actually be embodied, the basis of any peaceful coexistence.

Source: G. Paschalidis “Love Opening – Path to Life”, revised edition.



The Academic Professor George Paschalidis in Poland 27-29th of May

af_baner_850x409-2The Academic Professor George Paschalidis will travel in Cracow , Poland to participate in the international conference : Alternative Festival Cracow 2017), with tha paper entitled : “Recognise your character and behavior by employing your brain according to the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model”. following days he can be found in “Crown Piast Hotel & Park ” in Cracow to give seminars aiming the introduction to the basic principles of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model. For further information call +48601675100, or the Crown Piast Hotel, or Dr. Paschalidis personal phone number.


The program is as follows:

27.05.2017 Saturday
Festiwal Alternatywny 2017 18.00
28.05.2017 Sunday
11.00 – 15.00 spotkanie w Crown Piast Hotel & Park
18.00 – 22.00 spotkanie w Crown Piast Hotel & Park
29.05.2017 Monday
Zapraszamy do spotkania na Festiwalu Alternatywnym 2017 w NCK. Na spotkania w niedzielę i poniedziałek proszę o rezerwację na mail lub sms – tel +4860167510



Cyprus 15th to 19th of May

The Academic Psychology Professor George Paschalidis will visit Cyprus on Wednesday the 15th of May until Sunday 19th of May for a series of seminars entitles: “The Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model and the appropriate nutrition for the fortification of the immune system and psychological wellbeing”
Entrance is free. Contact number: 99492180 mr. Rossidis

The cities and Media where his interviews will be held are the following:

-Wednesday 17/5 lecture in Nicosia at Europa Plaza Hotel at 18:30
-Thursday 18/5 interview on radio Rik at 08:30 with Elena Charalambous in the “Emis ke o kosmos mas” broadcast
-Thursday 18/5 interview on Rik TV at 10:00 in the show “Kali sas mera”
-Thursday 18/5 lecture in Limmasol in the cultural center of the Bank of Cyprus starting from 16:00 until 19:00
-Friday 19/3 interview on Sigma TV in the show “Protoselido” 08:30 – 9:00
-Friday 19/5 lecture in Nicosia at Europa Plaza Hotel at 17:00
-Saturday 20/5 lecture in Larnaca at Hotel Flamingo from 15:00 until 20:00
–Sunday 21/5 lecture in Paphos Hotel Elysium at 15:00.


Yes we can. 3 steps to change ourselves

The Paschalidis Model constitutes a neurobiological model with psychosocial interpretations and implications. It translates the neurobiology of behavior and character.

1Thought, behavior, and brain structure have been, up to now, interactive. Our brain structure affected our behavior and action, as they were clearly deriving from our Type. The Paschalidis Model gives the solution, explains how thought can now influence the brain structure, to form a new character; the character of a free and not a restrained person. It gives the solution to how our thought can change the function of our brain. We will no longer be at the mercy of a biological function that follows us from the time of our birth; now, we become free persons able to affect it, so that happiness comes into our life, and attain balance in our organism. The biological, psychological and social functions of the man are interacting in an immediate and bidirectional manner. They specify our mental and physical health, our behavior and function, in the social groups in which we exist and act.

Factors that interact in the formation of the individual


The Paschalidis Model comes to determine the how’s and why’s of our behaviors and emotions, and gives us the required self-awareness, so that we understand who we are and how we are related to our social surrounding. The Paschalidis Model explains how our brain defines our behavior and our body’s biology and consequently, how thought can build the strong and erase the weak points of our personality.

3By acquiring self-consciousness, we have already made the first step to change. Now, the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model enables us, using our thought, to act calmly and escape our Type’s extremities. When we observe and study the reactions and behaviors of people who belong to the same Paschalidis Type as we do, we improve our knowledge about ourselves. Then, we can perceive our character’s weaknesses better and reach self-awareness.



5By becoming conscious of who the people around us are, we are making the second step to change. Through the comparison of our Type with the other Paschalidis Types, not only we do understand these people, but we also come to a better understanding of ourselves. When we compare behaviors, actions, and ways of thinking of our Type with the other Paschalidis Types, we locate our strengths and weaknesses. This procedure helps us both ways; to break away our extremity, and to adopt the positive elements of the two other Types’ character.




6The third step to change is through diet. By the appropriate nutrition intake according to our personality Type, we help our brain to absorb the missing elements, thus resulting to calmness in thought and action, without extremities (the role of nutrition is analyzed in the following chapters).

The Model provides us with detailed explanations on the mistakes and traps of our stressful thought. Knowing ourselves and the others, we can now intervene in our behavior and change it, avoiding the trap of stress. A Type escapes from his stressful extremities, which are panic, fidgety, and rush in action. B type escapes from his stressful fears and concerns about the future. C type escapes from his stressful persistence to execute his goals, due to passion and perseverance.


“Through the Paschalidis Model, you can now create the new path of thought, the new synaptic route that leads to happiness and action.”

“Make your thought creative and change the engraved, from the moment of your birth, road. Make your own happiness nest. Now you know! Now you can!”

Thought Addiction The Unhappiness Virus by Professor G.D.Paschalidis

Thought Addiction The Unhappiness Virus by Professor G.D.Paschalidis


Is it possible, that people are robots, executing a program on Earth?

It is exactly the same thought I did when I found out that all animate beings, including humans, are a type of “precast” of three different construction “companies”, and that the biological function and personality of each human are determined by one of the three brain areas. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed, for I was carried away into discovering what was hidden behind all this. What I found by shedding light in the mystery of the three Types left me speechless. I concluded that our Type determined the past, present and future of our existence. When we are dominated by our Type, one thing is for sure: we cannot escape our destiny! During my research, I discovered that we can alter our destiny, change our personality and the course of our lives, using our new way of thinking. 18280284_1534499849907533_1523878650_nMy research gives clear and precise answers to all the scientific questions that concern man. It discloses a complete and established truth. The rule in science is that, after the initial researches that result in specific conclusions, more targeted analytical investigations follow, as a consequence of the data that emerged in the initial, graded investigation stages. This creates the impression to the explorer of truth that the more someone adds to the palimpsest of knowledge, the more the final image shrinks and blurs, since the questions arising are, by far, more than the given answers. Thus, we cannot access truth in an easy and direct way, and that is why we formulate many different theories about it.

Thought Addiction The Unhappiness Virus by Professor G.D.Paschalidis

Thought Addiction The Unhappiness Virus by Professor G.D.Paschalidis

The Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model is the tool to help us reprogram our brain, and avoid the “not so good” sides, which are consciously the extremities of our Type. We now can lead a happier life, overcoming our problems; a life without difficult situations that we would constantly repeat, due to the “data records” that our memory keeps.


Academic Professor Dr. George Paschalidis to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

On Wednesday the 19th of April 2017, the Head and members or the Diplomatic department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation welcomed the Academic George Paschalidis, along with his Russian academic collegues Dr.Novikov and Dr. Tarasov, and his affiliates.

Right ahead, discussions and negotiations began. Primary subject of these conversations was promoting the cooperation between the two countries and ways of empowering their economies. Both parties expressed their gratification concerning the constructive conversations which constiture the basis of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

After the end of the meeting, academic Dr. George Paschalidis donated a series of his valuable books, containing the disclodure of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model, to the Russian Diplomacy Center, books that will be exhibited in the central library in the honour of the great Greek scientist.

Later, Dr. George Paschalidis and his affiliates were guided in the Ministry’s headquarters, where historical objects are exhibited, some of which are representing the long tradition of Greece’s and Russia’s friendship. In the following pictures we can see the bust of Ioannis Kapodistrias, who was Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs prior to becoming Greece’s first Governor, as well as the royal chair of Olga Constantinova , Queen of Greece, wife of King George the first, and mother of Constantine A, King of Greece.

The visit to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ended with a dinner in the honour of the academic professor Dr. George Paschalidis.



The Academic George Paschalidis is visiting Moscow

The Academic, Psychology Professor, Deputy Dean of the Russian Academy of Education and Research NOOSFERA, and Dean of the NOOSFERA Academy in Greece, George Paschalidis, is visiting the Russian Federation in Moscow, from the 18th until the 21st April 2017. Primary purpose of his visit is the presentation of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model at his chair in the NOOSFERA Academy, and the training of his scientific team, which consists of scientists of international renown from Russia, Greece and other countries, as well as Doctors (PhD) of the Academy for the actualization of essays and scientific publications on the fields of Medicine and Space Technology. Discussions will also be held, concerning programs of innovation and improvement for products and formulations of Medicine, Psychology and Space Technology. The following day, he will be presenting his scientific work to the enterpreneurs of the Russian Federation Association of Construction Companies “Oboronstroy”, with the intention of creating a worldwide industrial company, with the aim of developing new technologies in Russia, Greece and other countries. The “Oboronstroy” association trades in the field of self-regulating the domains of construction, energy and real estate management.
During the day, conversations will be taking place with the Russian Enterpreneur Association, for the development of investment programs in Greece, Russia and other countries. A meeting has also been scheduled with enterpreneurs and diplomats in the Bank of Moscow for investment programs in Greece, based on suggestions of the Academic Dr. George Paschalidis.

One of the most significant scheduled visits of the Academic Professor in Russia is his meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and his affiliates in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
This meeting will be about establishing a cooperation and the signing of a Memorandum between the Russian Academy NOOSFERA and their department in Greece as well as Russian regulators. The night will be closed with a dinner in the honour of the Academic George Paschalidis held in the Ministry.
The visit will be completed with a tour of the Professor and his affiliates in the Cosmonaut Training Center and Museum.
The Professor announced, one day prior to his visit, that the application of the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model will constitute the basis of great scientific achievements in the benefit of humanity.


Karditsa Tuesday the 28th of March 2017

On Tuesday the 28th of March, academic Professor Dr. George Paschalidis will be in Karditsa to perform a speech. The venue will take place in hotel KIERION and will begin at 17:00 in the afternoon. On the same day at 19:00, after the honorary invitation of Karditsa Art Club, the Professor will attend the opening of the artists’ group drawing exhibition, which will be hosted in Karditsa’s municipal Art Gallery. Right after the event, he will return to the hotel and continue his speech until late at night.