5-6-2016 12.00 am – Speech in the cultural center of Goumenissa – Kilkis

The secondary education private coaching school ANELIXIS, within the framework of collaboration with psychology professor Dr. George Paschalidis, has invited him for a special speech which will take place on Sunday the 5th of June in the cultural center of Goumenissa.Untitled-Stitched-02-300x183

From the beginning of the following year, the school will have the No 1 tool of learning Tri-Anthropo-Type model as its’ ally, aiming for increase of the students’ performance, correct vocational guidance, decrease of stress for success and happiness through knowledge. Dr. Paschalidis will familiarize students and their parents with the Model during this speech.

The private coaching school ANELIXIS has put out a press release on the local media titled: ”A new era has begun for ANELIXIS and our students” and continues : “ Our collaboration with the charismatic and bright humanist Dr. Paschalidis is a fact. His revolutionary discovery, which has overturned the information of modern psychology, refers to the classification of humans in three human types (A-B-C), the categorization of illnesses and treatment through nutrition. The scientifically documented discovery of the Greek scientist – researcher – writer is currently being utilized by the Russian Aerospace, also by doctors, teachers, athletes and large businesses. I urge you to come and meet him face to face.” Entrance is free for anyone who is interested in the speech.