Patra on the 4rth of July 2017

On Tuesday the 4rth of July, the city of Patra will be welcoming professor George Paschalidis. At noon he will be hosted in the radio station Antenna Patras where he will give an extensive interview to journalist Panagiotis Rigopoulos.
After that he can be found at Hotel “Astir” where he will meet friends, readers and people who want to encounter the researcher who has changed the life of millions of people through his discovery, the Tri-Antrhopo-Type Paschalidis Model. The neurobiological Tri-Anthropo-Type Model combines the biological, anatomical, neurophysiological, psychological and social aspects of human nature and explains the human existence by the thorough explanation of the interaction betweem health and personality.
The application of the Model in every field of human activity is astonishing. Medicine, Education, Athletics, Psychology, Business Management and all the fields in which the Model has been used, have important statistic results to present concerig the application of the Model.